how to pan more than 2 channels in a bus ?

Hi all,

I’m new in Ardour on Ubuntu distribution.
I’m trying to pass from a copy of cubase in Windows XP to MAO in Linux.
I have an EMU ESP1010 card (8 audio inputs, 8 outputs and some other input like MIDI, SPDIF)
I read that a common practice is to create a bus to manage instruments.
So I’m testing a bus with 3 entries (system:3 to system:5) that I called drum.
I’d like to have entry 3 on both outputs, entry 4 pan at the right and entry 5 pan on the left output.
Curiously, the mixer shows me only the 2 first inputs to pan (it works well on these 2 entries).
Is it a limitation in Ardour or is there something to configure ?


salut le chien :slight_smile:

Let’s do it in english:

do you want to record each entry as a separate track ? then declare 3 mono tracks, connect each of the system:capture to each track, pan each track as you want (LCR or Left - Center - Right), and if you want common effects on all of these tracks, create a stereo bus, and send each track signal to the effect bus (create sends on pre or post-fader areas and connect them accordingly to the stereo bus, as you see fit).

J’espère que ça va le faire :slight_smile:


Lol, I’m reading my post and your answer 3 years late :wink:
sory, sorry…