How to move Ardour to another Laptop (Linux Mint 21)

if i want to move Ardour with all Plugin Presets to another Laptop, which folders do i have to copy?
I found /home/stefan/.config/ardour7/presets and it seems that here configs are saved from VST Plugins (like Speedrum)
And in the /home/stefan/.lv2 i found also the preset savings
But where are ladspa and vst3 plugin presets would saved?

Is there anywhere a “howto” for moving Ardour to another device?

Greetings, Stefan

There are probably separate config folders for different plugin sets. Look in /home/stefan/.config and /home/stefan/.local/.share. The names of the folders might not be obvious. You might as well copy your .ardour folder as well as it would have all your settings for Ardour.

Yeah, getting down to specifics is hard, so you may just want to backup everything in your home directory, because I have things in ~/.wine/, ~/.vst/, ~/.lv2/, ~/.cache/, ~/.local/… I don’t know if products faithfully use these directories appropriately, so it’s best to cast a wide net, as they say. It makes taking your backups a little easier too… don’t have to worry about updating your backup script much. You should probably have your original installation materials, as well, if they originally used a package manager, like apt, for instance. Fun!

Because of Ardour is saving the presets and the files, it must be specified by the developer, where to save.

Beside of my studio desktop, i want to copy Ardour to one laptop for piano playing in the living room. i would like a duplicate of the studio desktop.

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