How to modify/edit only part of a region/track?

I seem to only be able to select a whole region and make it longer or shorter. I can’t go to a certain part of it in the middle and select that to cut, or select just the end in order to fade out, etc.

How do I do that?

When I want to do that, I splite the region, and move it to another thrack, there I can play with out problems.

Perhaps it is not the best way, and it can increase the number of tracks, but it works.

to do the fade-out you don’t have to cut up the region, just open the automation for “gain” and fade away. And you don’t have to put split-up pieces of regions to another track, just split your region, trim the ends to remove unwanted material, then shove the trimmed ends together, maybe with a crossfade.

Regions all have a built in fade-in and fade-out at the beginning and end anyway, so you don’t even need automation for that, unless you want a very unusual fade profile.

To select a part mid-region to reduce the level: if it’s a step change, just make region splits (hit ‘S’ with the edit point in the right place) at the beginning and end of the section you want to change, then use the boost/cut tools on the middle section (which is now a new region in its own right). Of if you want to cut it out completely, a single split and then move the boundaries to the beginning and end of the part you want to cut out.

Check these sections of the manual:
(I find ‘Smart Mode’ to be very useful.)
(Lots of good info in this long section.)

I’ve seen warnings that the manual is out-of-date, but it’s still useful.