How to manipulate the `direction` of sound


How could I manipulate the direction where a sound appears to be coming from?
E.g.: I’d like to make a sound come from the front-center where the recording has the sound slightly to the left.

I believe I have to shuffle the phasing a bit and maybe adjust some sound levels.
How could I do this in ardour? Using a plugin?


A couple of ways…

Good old panning, if it’s level related.

Try splitting the stereo track into two mono tracks, and shifting one of them in time. (Google ‘Haas effect’)
Try aligning them in time if the transients appear delayed in one track.

The CAPS HRTF plugin might be worth a try.
It convolves the audio with a series of impulses taken by moving a speaker around a dummy head. Works best on headphones.

Try taking a little top end off the side that the sound appears to be coming from.

It sounds like you are just concerned with panning, where the panning controls should work fine. I don’t see why you would have to mess with the phasing.

I’m guessing that you are talking about a stereo region. If you want a bit more control, you can split the stereo region into two separate mono regions so that you can load them in separate tracks and control the panning for each channel independently.

The more difficult thing to control is perceived room depth and how far away from you a particular source sounds. Then you have to mess with things like EQ (mostly the high end), reverb, convolution, or if you’re smart: planning ahead of time and adjusting your mic placement accordingly.

reuben: ardour allows independent panning of each channel on a 2in/2out track. this precisely so that you can play with “apparent width” in a stereo track.

As Paul says, if you have a stereo track and want to play around with its spatial panning, you definitely have two “degrees of freedom” as each channel can be independently moved about. What I just said is reflected in the panning automation curves (line1 and line2) that can be modified independently.

This reminds me of something : what about region gain curves for stereo tracks ? because there’s only one gain curve, did you implement it such that a given curve applies uniformely across the stereo panning ?

Thanks very much for the responses! I will try the suggestions out.

Further tips are still welcome.