How to make Subliminal Affirmation Audio Track using Ardour ?

Do you have any Tutorial on making Subliminal Affirmation Audio Tracks ?

where the listener only use music while there are verbal affirmation which can not be hear by ears but sub conscious mind.

can I make Binaural Beats and Isochronic tunes ?

Rubber Band?
Can you do that by modifying 1 side of a stereo track with a frequency shifter plugin? There are a few available. Rubber Band by Breakfast Quay springs to mind. You can also shift the frequency of a region: Selected Reqions / Edit / Pitch Shift

You will have to be a little more explicit on what you mean by vocals which can be heard by sub-conscious mind but not by ears. Sounds dubious to me. If you just mean vocals which are very quiet compared to background music then of course you can mix any way you desire.

For binaural beats and isochronic tunes Ardour will be useful for processing the audio, but is not really the best tool for making the original audio for such use. A more programmable tool such as PD, or maybe even math programming languages such as Octave or Python with the scientific libraries would be more suited to making tones with specific mathematical relationships.
If you are more comfortable with music style approaches, perhaps one of the software synthesizers could be programmed to set the oscillators precisely enough for what you want.