How to make regions transparent by default?

I’ve searched the forum but I cannot find any existing solutions.

Making new regions opaque sometimes makes sense, but that depends on the material. If there is an option/toggle to make new recordings (be it audio or MIDI) transparent it would be very helpful.

Right now, everytime I finish recording a single region I have to select it and press Alt + 0, everytime it’s required. In a single session I can do near 100 takes so it’s getting tiring really quickly.

I appreciate any help.

PS: I’m open to more technically advanced solutions like writing scripts or something. As long as it is possible.

Ardour 7 has a dropdown “Record Mode” just right of the main transport controls. The default is Layered, in your case you want to change it to “Sound on Sound”.

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So that’s what it’s called!
Thank you so much for your response Robin. You’re making my life a lot easier.

I’ll be sure to read more about it.

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