How to make pre-roll working again?

Hi Ardour community!

In my Ardour 7.2 “pre-roll” is working correctly - as expected - only if is set to “0 (no pre-roll)”. :slight_smile: How to make all other options work again? Did i miss something? Thanks!


Hi! AFAIK you need to use Shift+< keyboard combination to activate Record/w Preroll. In you video you just activate the usual record.

Thanks! In V6 it worked even with simple space hit. I liked that. Thanks again!

Perhaps you had changed the keyboard bindings for that for v6?

I don’t remember anything like that. I checked - no, the key bindings are default.

By the way, if the new tempo is set after some bars and a take is recorded inside the new tempo range, the pre-roll is using the first tempo of the session and ignoring the new one. In other words, pre-roll ignores tempo changes. Is this on purpose? Thanks!

Taking account of “there’s a tempo change within the N beats of the count-in” is left as an exercise for a new ardour developer :sunglasses:

I wish him good luck! :smiley:

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