How to make Crescendo of single note in MIDI?

Hi! I need to make “crescendo” of note sequence in MIDI.
I want single note to increase velocity from x to y gradually. I have bunch of notes one by one, each of them should have increasing velocity. But the “Velocity” seems to be constant value. How to do it?

Sorry for the beginner’s question, I’m not in MIDI that much.

If I understood correctly your question simply select the notes or the groups of notes you want to cresc. and chose one of the possible definable functions detailed here:

It’s not exactly what I want.
Sorry for my bad English, maybe I just cannot explain what I mean, so here you have a music notation:

music notation

Ignore the vibrato.
If you play guitar, you can use expression pedal or volume pedal for this.
Maybe it can be done with automation?

I don’t know if it is possible with MIDI. I would do it with fader (volume) automation, possibly in a bus (in case you have more instruments in the same region etc.)

Thank you! I thought I can avoid automation, as the automation editing in Ardour is not that easy.

Velocity only applies when the note begins. Aftertouch may be able to do what you want.

Or you can use midi controller 11 - expression 0 127 → 0 … cointroller 7 channel volume

Or you can use midi controller 11 - expression 0 127 → 0 … cointroller 7 channel volume

CC #11 is the more usual knob for “transient” volume changes, with CC #7 being more traditionally associated with overall volume. But you need to check with the docs for whatever virtual instrument you are using: some may not follow those patterns.

Thanks all!

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I recommend watching MIDI Masterclass on youtube . There you will find a lot of information about midi in Ardour Ardour MIDI Masterclass 1.0 - YouTube

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