How to make a shortcut for disabling system playback for the master?


I have the following need: I want to record with ardour controlled software monitoring. Because obs uses it for the jack input client. I need screencasts with the audio power of ardour. But I don’t want to hear my voice with a second echo voice.

The solution for me is to cut the connection between “master” and “system playback” in the routing matrix. Changing this every time before I record a new track is a little tedious. For playback after the recording I need this connection again.

How can I make a shortcut, hotkey or macro on a key to trigger this action?

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I suggest to use monitor section (Session > Monitor Section).

Master out can go to OBS, and monitor out to your speakers. You can toggle the monitor mute via ctrl+m without affecting the master-mute.

Wow. I’m impressed. This is so good now. Thank you. Exactly what I need. :slight_smile: :grinning:

The monitor section disappears, if I start a new session. Can I enable it as default?

Perhaps by creating/using a template

Ardour should pick up the most recently used monitor-section settings for new sessions.

I guess you may have loaded an old session that didn’t have a monitor-section and then created a new session?

@LPJ Thanks, I had to enable the monitor section and then save it as a template. A new projekt with this new template works with activated monitor section

This behavior of Ardour is a little strange. Why can’t I enable it as default setting for using ardour, like other default settings?

@x42 Nope, didn’t work like this. If you use a template without activated monitor section then it changes.

Yes, that is expected. A template is not a new empty session which would inherit the default.

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