How to maintain file locations?

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Have scoured the net trying to find an answer to this. When I am using Ardour, either midi or audio files, if I then want to load a different file, I have to go through my entire file structure to get a file from the location I was at before. I spend a huge amount of time going in and out of my file structure when trying out wave or midi files for a track and would very much like for Ardour to remember where I was.

e.g. when using a midi track, and a synth (calf fluidsynth my fave) and then I load a soundfont, lets say a bass sound, and then a while later I decide to change the bass soundfont, I have to navigate through my entire file structure again to find the folder I was at before.

Is there a setting that will get Ardour to remember the file location and let me navigate from there rather than always starting from the home directory?


You could use shortcuts in the file-dialog’s sidebar. Just drag a folder to “Places”.

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Hi Robin, thanks for the suggestion, but I have no idea what that means I’m afraid… Don’t see that facility when loading a soundfont, it always defaults to ‘recently used’ files, still have to navigate through the file system to get to my soundfont directory…

Don’t see where I can drag a location into anything. By offering me that suggestion, does that mean you think there is no setting where I can set a default folder for file types? That still seems the most straight forward way of doing it to me…

What @x42 is referring to is the far left side of the file dialog, there is a section labeled ‘Places’, as in the image found here:

In that image you can see that someone has already added several places to the dialog, you do so by navigating to that location, and clicking the ‘+’ under the Places list, or by dragging the folder in the dialog into the places list.

From that point on you can just click on the folder under Places to go straight there.


Hi Seablade, thanks for chipping in… Still dont see how that helps me load a soundfont into a synth, attached pic is the way I usually do it. Are you saying I can use the import function to load soundfont files into calf fluidsynth, and edit the directories that are displayed in the import dialogue?

After chewing on this problem for a while now, I think I have at least been abe to refine my question a little. What I would like to be able to do, with either soundfonts or wave files, is for Ardour to remember where I was when I loaded a file. That way, if I wanted to try a different file, opening up the synth, or other piece of software, I would be looking at the last directory I used and be able to instantly choose a different file. Not sure my thoughts before about having default folders for file types is such a good one now.
I was hoping to find a tick box, or setting that would allow me to do this. No luck yet though…

I do not believe that is possible at this time, but is worth considering for a feature request if you want to put it in mantis (


In case of LV2 plugins, Ardour is not in control:

tl;dr: adding a shortcut in the file-selector is the solution that sucks least.

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