How to keep vsti's (sfz) plugged in and in tact?

Hi there. While finishing a project a question came up: how can I enable sfizz and Ardour to cross talk as smoothly as possible? I use a healthy amount of vsti’s and in the polishing up of a grand session: a nominal change (renaming the session) seems to have broken all the (audible) sfizz links. What a waste…

I keep my virtual instruments in a “solid” location, already, to prevent broken links from happening, yet it would be great to minimize such complications. They have been plentiful using several versions of Ardour and sfizz in tandem.

Thanks for your consideration. Tips are appreciated, and welcome

Keep up the good work, yes.

Hi, It’s better to use the LV2 version of Sfizz because the VST3 version doesn’t keep the configuration when reboot Ardour.

Hi, which configuration? My 7.3 Ardour with Sfizz 1.2 LV2 doesn’t keep the CC configuration (if that’s what you mean) when rebooting, either.

In your case, try to do it with the VST or VST3 version. that bug happens with the VST version in some UBUNTU derivatives or LV2 in other distros.

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In my case the VST version doesn’t keep any configuration including the sfz file, but the VST3 does in AVLinux(MXLINUX 21 / Debian 11) and the LV2 version doesn’t in Ubuntu Studio 21.04 but the VST-3 does keep everything when reopen Ardour.

Thanks for reporting.

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