How to join region

Hi all,
first, many thanks to Ardour team for this great software. Fine to use, but efficient.

Seeking myself an answer, i saw many questions on this forum about this feature.
Ardour team say this feature will be plane to the future.

Here’s a way to do it well (at first view)
So, to join regions from track into a single one (Ardour2) :

  1. Right click on a track from the editor
  2. Choose ‘Freeze’ (! .fr : ‘Bloquer’) (this is the last option at the bottom)
  3. Ardour2 ask you a name, you can leave empty though, it’ll create one itself
  4. look at the region pan (on your right) : a new region appear (name suffix ‘-bounce-’) This is the well named ‘Playlist’ you heard here and around.
  5. You can take this ‘bounce’/playlist into a new track as well, even when you unfreeze your orig. track
  6. Tips : when you freeze your track, the length is taken from the whole session, ie from start marker to end marker. Before freezing, moving the ‘end’ marker where you want make your length. Ardour2 will move the ‘end’ marker automatically at its original location when freeze is done. (to see where’s your ‘end’ marker,choose menu View->Show Whole Session).

It seem to work well at this time. Be carefull with this kind of tips, at least until Ardour team agree with this.

svn for 2.0-ongoing contains a MUCH easier way to do this now. It will be in 2.5, possibly with some improvements over what it there already.