How to install .run file? (previous install already present in system)


I just subscribed and downloaded Ardour .run file. Two things.

  1. I have a previous, working installation of Ardour that came in kxstudio repos.

  2. There is the .run adour install file.

The .run file is supposed to be run from terminal such as ./ ?

Do I have to uninstall the already installed package (i guess it is a .deb from kxstudio repos)? can I have both working in the same machine?

Much appreciated


You can have both installed.


awesome… what will distinguish one from another (in terms of starting one or the other)? @seablade

Depends on your setup, either the full file name, or giving it the location.

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i am getting “command not found” after running from the directory where the file is:

$ sudo ./`

nevermid… neded to enable it to be run as executable.

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