How to install new LV2 plugin with tar gaz files

Hi i’m trying to install convoLV2 by extracting or copy and past in lib / LV2 folder but Ubuntu studio don’t want to le me do:
''Extraction non effectuée

Vous n’avez pas la permission d’extraire l’archive dans le dossier « file:///lib/lv2 »’’

I follow the instruction in the read me .txt but it don’t work
How to get permission to do this ?

Thank you

I would install/explode it in your home directory’s .lv2 directory.
Are you using Robin/x42’s x42-convolver? Running the If yes, don’t run as root, and you’ll get something like this:

me@mymachine:~/Downloads/x42-convolver$ ./

** convo.lv2 **

A previous system-wide installation was found in:
This is likely from a GNU/Linux distribution.
LV2 hosts automatically pick the lastest version of any given plugin,
so duplicate plugins are not likely to cause any issue.
However, you may want to stay with your distro’s version.
Continue install? [y/n]: y

Install Plugin to ~/.lv2 ? [y/n]: y
Installing to ~/.lv2:
‘convo.lv2’ -> ‘/home/me/.lv2/convo.lv2’
‘convo.lv2/manifest.ttl’ -> ‘/home/me/.lv2/convo.lv2/manifest.ttl’
‘convo.lv2/’ -> ‘/home/me/.lv2/convo.lv2/’
‘convo.lv2/convoLV2.ttl’ -> ‘/home/me/.lv2/convo.lv2/convoLV2.ttl’

Installation completed.

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Ouais, et c’est peut-etre mieux si, dans le readme.txt, il dit “faire rouler le ‘’”, mais Robin est beaucoup occupe :slight_smile:

Merci !
J’ai suivi tes instructions et ça a fonctionné.
… La suite de l’aventure, je me suis rendu compte que je l’avait déjà avec tout les autres de Robin. Ils ne s’affichent pas dans ‘‘Par étiquette’’ avec les autres reverb dans le menu déroulant, mais bien dans ''Par créateur/ Robin Gareus …
Nono ça.

Une belle journée

Le plugin semble pas avoir d’impulses qui viennent avec … des suggestions pour télécharger des bons rooms ?

For Ardour6 I’d actually recommend

I’d probably start here:

OH ! Thank you Robin, i’m searching to Samplicity’s at the same time you tell me.

Have a great day

Oops! While trying to install zconvolver, I realized that the installation is not working.
I believe the plugin is not installing in the right place. After checking Zconvolver is not in the LV2 folder and I also cannot find it in the list of plugins in Ardor 6.
(I did not realize that the installation was not working previously since convolver was already present in the lv2 folder.)

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