How to import Freesound samples into Ardour?

Hello all
I am a new Ardour user and would like to ask you how can I use the “import samples from Freesound” feature. I read the release notes from version 2.4.1 (or maybe it was from 2.4) and it mentions something about the import dialog. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I honestly couldn’t figure out how to accomplish this. I’m using version 2.4.1
Maybe I was looking at the wrong place. Thanks for your help


I think you need to compile Ardour from source to enable FREESOUND, just like you have to compile it to get VST or LV2 support. If you have it compiled with FREESOUND then it will appear as an extra tab on the file “import” menu, the same one you use to import any outside Audio source into Ardour.

Compiling Ardour is not all that difficult, there is an excellent tutorial right here:

Take your time and follow it to the letter and you will be a compiling pro in no time! If I can do it ANYONE can (:D)

thanks for the reply. So thats why I was missing it. I used this repo for apt-geting Ardour 2.4.1:

Seems like the maintainer didn’t compile Ardour with that option enabled. Oh well, I will compile by myself. I always like to avoid that, but when I must, I will :wink:

y’all must be kidding me?
and the 2.4.1 release also doesnt come with the freesound import feature included?
how strange is that. how can it be on the feature list and not be in the program per default?

somebody needs to review this feature policy quickly

Hi again
So I decided to wait for version 2.5 to compile with the freesound option enabled.
It compiled and installed without any problem on my Ubuntu Hardy. It rocks!
The thing is, now that I do have the Freesound import option I can’t seem to be able to use it. Whenever I try searching for samples from within Ardour I get the following message on the terminal:

Login failed: Check username and password.

Login was cool, connection = 0

And the gui gives me no feedback.This is wierd because I do have a Freesound user account and I can use it without problems when I login with Firefox.

Can anyone help me out?

same here. Freesound simply doesn’t work for some! I heard the same on irc when talking to the gerat las in person, where he complained that freesound’s api is kind of borked.

maybe someone who can get it to work can make suggestions on what’s involved?

@frederik.nnaji: rant elswhere about package maintainers

I talked to Bram de Jong, one of the founders of FreeSound, when I was in Barcelona. Apparently, Ardour is not the only system to have this problem, and Bram is busy re-writing the entire API/website to avoid this and many other issues. Disappointing, since FreeSound is an amazing collection of samples, especially if you are looking for stuff other than “music”.