how to import 24bits/44.1KHz files ?

Hi guys,

I’m discovering ardour, great projetc I’d like to support but here is my pb :

Jack is started with 44,1KHz parameters and ardour indicates Jack is running with 48KHz. Of course, when I’m importing 24B/44.1KHhz file, ardour says that it is not in the right resolution, but can import (resample?) the file but the playback of this file in ardour plays too quick. (reading a 44.1 as a 48KHz)
So, who is wrong ? :

  • Jack when saying it’s working in 44.1KHz
  • or Ardour saying Jack is running in 48KHz ?
    (I’ve tried logged as root: still the same pb)

How can I import 24bits/44.1KHz in ardour ?
(my config : mandriva 2007, SB Live, Ardour 0.99.3/Jack
thank for your comments,

But reZound and Audacity don’t use jack. (Well, reZound can, but I doubt you were doing that)

SB Live only supports 48k (some of the newer ones support 96k). When you send it 44.1k audio, it resamples it internally to 48k. Jack, and hence all jack apps, is aware of this and uses 48k even if you have it set to 44.1.

If the resampled playback is too fast, this is a bug. Check that this isn’t specific to your distro, and then file a bug on mantis.

Hi retep,
It seems ok for the SB Live to play 44.1KHz files because I’ve tried with rezound and audacity without any convertion and the sound was ok.
Any idea concerning the 48KHz in ardour despite the 44.1 in jack ??

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think the SB live soundcard will only playback at 48KHz.You may have to use a different soundcard or resample your files with an audio file editor like Audacity or Rezound.