How to ı use full and free Ardour?

How? Code is open but not free

The code is available at no cost to anyone.

“Source Code”

Ardour is a libre project - think “free as in speech” but not a gratis project - “free as in free beer”.

Full version is available if you’re willing to take the time to compile it yourself, or for a donation/subscription if you want to use the binaries the devs put together.

The source code is gratis at all times.

If you pay us, you’re paying for us to build, host and stream it to you, and in the grander scheme of things, as encouragement to keep working on the project and to try to be helpful to users when they need it.


How ı to ı compile? I don’t know…

Yes but unfortunately that only creates slow debug build. In order to build as per the officially optimized binary use:

./waf configure --optimize

Why that’s not listed there is a bit odd to me.

Same reason the 5-6 other options that you would like to probably use depending on what you’re doing are not listed :slight_smile: – check ./waf configure --help

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You don’s say on which system you want to use it. On many Linux distributions (e.g. Archlinux) you can use the package manager (e.g pacman) to build, install, and automatically update Ardour whenever new versions come out.

But I would still pay whatever you can to support the developers (I do). Ardour is absolutely top class.


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