how to hook up kontakt 5 to ardour 3

I apologize in advance for the following topic that might be seen as poking into a well kept open source environment.

My two questions regard the following:

Can Kontakt 5 player and for example N.I. run on a 64 bit system with Ardour 3 in any way?

If yes, is somebody running it and can give me a briefing on how to set it up right ?
I tried for a couple of weeks up till now and constantly ran into obstacles with wineasio and other platform and linking issues that seem to be on a programming level, which I am currently unable to solve or even grasp.

Before you decide to ignore me with all this ‘proprietary’ stuff please consider the following:
1st. I want to continue to support the Ardour project, because of its spirit and the hope that it will evolve over time

2nd. the pressure my film school is currently excercising at the producing level is so huge that it is very hard to keep up with the working pace which is required there.

I realize that if I somehow could get “industry standard” libraries working with ardour (or even just linux?), I might be able to at least build mockups in a flexible manner that could allow a better workflow between me and e.g. directing students

Does that make sense somehow?
I would be glad if somebody replied, although the commercial stench seems to be everywhere by now…

If there is concern of the proprietary turn this thread is or might be taking, I’ll also gladly communicate via mail

That said, feedback would be much appreciated.

you’ve sad nothing about the platform you’re using/thinking of using.

first, try this: if Kontakt 5 can be launched on your platform:
in Ardour , create a MIDI track, insert a new plugin and choose for example:
by creator : Native Instruments / Kontakt 5…

kontact 5 as far as i know has no linux suppor, however from my quick google search it seems possible to run kontact 5 through wine.

wether it would be usefull in ardour is another question, im not to sure how that works with running stuff through wine.

@all: thanks a lot for all your responses.

@paul: Currently Debian is in use. However, I am past the point of being fuzzy about picking distros. At this moment my concern is purely pragmatic and usability oriented, i.e. I would try any linux based platform which would suit such a setup (openoffice seems to run almost everywhere by now). The rough state on tecnical things is:
Processor : 2x Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz
Memory : 3955MB
Operating System : Debian GNU/Linux 7.2
Kernel : Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 (x86_64)
Compiled : #1 SMP Debian 3.2.51-1
C Library : Unknown
Default C Compiler : GNU C Compiler version 4.7.2 (Debian 4.7.2-5)
Distribution : Debian GNU/Linux 7.2

If you say: “get xyz platform, because it works best or is the most stable” I’ll switch happily.
Again, I am unfortunately not a programmer enough to differ between the quality of code or the reasoning behind all the possible implementing options. Therefore it seemed reasonable for me to ask here, and possibly draw upon an educated opinion …after all Ardour has the alluring feature of MIDI editing now.

@all: actually Kontakt 5 can be installed and run through wine without problems, however somewhat disjointed from everything which is required to process in- and output. The main problem here is letting jack communicate with Kontakt. From there the business of compiling wineasio and finding the right folders for a 32bit implementation on a 64 bit platforn etc. became really messy. After more than 48 hours googling, almost all of the few seemingly self explanatory instructions for finding correct folders to link and install etc. my head deflated into an organic mush. In short: I am not even close to see if Ardour recognizes Kontakt… but all seems so very close.

I also noticed the software FSThost and vst-bridge, which might also do the trick. But due to my previous experiences I thought I might consider an educated opinion on possible setup tactics and loopholes before my night turns into day again…

If there is at least certain way to go (if there is one) when considering such a setup I (maybe also others) would be more than happy for advice.

If I understand/recall correctly, the wine people mostly removed the previously quite good support for JACK audio IO. So things that have to run under Wine are not easily connectable to JACK anymore. Things like FST etc. are not “things that have to run under Wine” by this definition - they use JACK natively, not a Windows audio API.

I gave it another 48hours noticing that a 32Bit Softwareplatform is easier to set up than 64Bit. Thereby Debian Wheezy i386 (xcfe) made it possible to implement both standalone and vst setups. Without praising too loudly, I can say that with the right mix of wine, wineasio and fsthost, it is possible to install/run the free K5 player, do the same with the separate free of cost library from the according site and even “activate” it via freely attached serial within wine.
Although I do see Problems by embracing the touch between proprietary and open source software, I think it is still remarkable that Ardour can be seen working next to software which is seen to be the industry standard by many people.

infact, to get the working vst setup with midi out of ardour and audio going back into ardour you don’t need wineasio or any sdk dev files. apart from fsthost one does however need wine for install and the registration processes via “their” fancy software center… (fascinating for me, but I’ll shut up for the sake of free software, promise)

What about airwave vst bridge, it is possible with it?