How to hear just filtered frequences on a parametric EQ?

Is there a way to hear just filtered freqs on a parametric EQ?
I like x42, LSP and ACE EQ, but I don’t know can I achieve that.
Many thanks, I really appreciate you help.

For x42-eq you right-click on the filter ball and for LSP you press the “I” (“Inspect”) of the specific filter.


Great, is there some way to hear the removed sound?
Many many thanks!!!

The operations I mentioned let you hear the frequencies affected by the filter. So if your filter attenuates you’ll hear the “removed sound”

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aaah, perfect!!! I’ve missundertood your words, my apologies.
Many thanks!!!

Is the x42-eq the only eq for Linux with this feature?

I’ve not tested it yet but I understand that LSP EQ has this feature, too.

So yes, LSP also provides this feature.

Calf, Zam and ACE don’t appear to do it.


I’ve tried LSP eq. It works only in graphics equalizer by pressing “S” (solo) button. In parametric equalizer it doesn’t work (solo button exists, but does nothing). Cheers!
My lsp-plugins version: 1.2.5

That’s why I wrote

since I only tried the parametric EQ and also noticed that “S” didn’t do anything,

I suppose the different ways of achieving the same thing is a bug. I was using the latest 1.2.7 version.

Hi, dear @SadKo here is a small bug to correct ^^

Cердечный привет и моя благодарность :slight_smile:

since I only tried the parametric EQ and also noticed that “S” didn’t do anything,

The S button disables all filters except the soloing ones. Just checked the latest version, the behaviour is as expected. Maybe you’re misunderstanding how this button should work.
The behaviour of solo button is a bit different for graphic equalizer. But that doesn’t mean that the first should match the second.

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I only had one active filter so it’s no surprise then that soloing it didn’t make any difference.

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