How to get the midi keyboard to work?

I have succesfully downloaded an installed Ardour 3.2 on Ubuntu 13.04. I have used Cubase 4 quite a bit, but am a newbie to Ardour.

I have a Yamaha digital piano, connected to the computer through a Roland UM-1G. I have installed and am running a2jmidid.
The UM-1G is recoqnized by JACK (and also shows up in Ardour > Window > MIDI connections), but what “connections” do I have to make (in JACK or Ardour?) so that when I play a note on the keyboard, it will sound though the midi channel in Ardour?
The midi channel is working with a plugin - at least, it makes sounds when I hit notes with the mouse on the virtual keyboard.

Please let me know if I need to give more info.

Update: It seems like I should go to Window > MIDI connections and connect: sources (other) UM-1G (Capture) > Ardour Tracks: MIDI 1 (which is the name of the track)

But that’s not working…

how are you testing whether it works or not?

I tried playing notes on the digital piano when the midi track is selected (and also the record button on) and I’ve tried to record some notes with Ardour recording the midi track. I’m not getting any sounds nor seeing any midi notes… When I draw midi notes with the mouse, those do sound when I play them back.

Hi emielstopler, Cubase is different and simmilar, and try to understand this Ardour routing philosophy.

When you connect your midi keyboard and its recognized by jack, it means that alsa has also recognized it. This is good thing.
All you need is to make an midi track in ardour, and “route” in its midi in your midi keyboard .
When you klick Input button: (midi or audio chnl)
You ll get an box-window. Its a routing matrix, super professional best routing on all DAW-s :). Learn this way, working with routing matrix of ardour!
Its clean clear and logical!

Jack has those tab-cards for routing, but manny people are confused by its interface.
Idea is total control of “even your coffee mug on desk” :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Idea is coming from old bantam analog patch bays.
Route signals from out to in to out to…
Connection window: left window is out (real Patchbay upper row)
and input is right window (down row).

And you still have to choose wether connecting over alsa or jack midi. Its confusing.
But not difficult to learn.
Routing matrix from ardour is faster!
Your midi channel out will be probably some synth.
Either you plug some synth in to insert of that channel or you “route” it to some synth you started beside ardour ( am synth, zynadd and so on…)
Have a god time, and if you need more questions, just ask.
Ill try to help.
(i got that cubase 4 with an Alesis interface, but i used it almost never :slight_smile:
If you make a lot of midi things, you should learn simple and powerful SEQ24.

sorry, alsa is audio-midi core of linux kernel.

“Have a god time, and if you need more questions, just ask.
Ill try to help.”

If you have more questions, ill try to help you.

Well, I got some result, though not the one I’d hoped for: I tried another midi keyboard (a Behringer UMX-61) and that one works fine! However, the UM-1G is recoqnized (which is connected to a Yamaha YPD-140), but doesn’t work. I tried different usb ports, but no result.
Would there be some steps I could take to try and solve the UM-1G problem?

Thanks for all the help so far!

hi emielstolper, this could be confusing but try to follow :slight_smile:

  1. Behringer UMX-61 is out of the box usb device. so it should (if recognized in alsa driver) work perfect.
  2. UM-1 G is a “transformer” from Midi DIN 5 ( five pole connectors) to USB protocol.
    -what is terminal telling to you when you switch it to computer ant write command lsusb ?
    -how are you connecting your yamaha piano to this midi trasnformer?
    -on which channel is yamaha sending (there are 16 :)?

Set your midi piano (yamaha) to send midi over chn. 1 (this one will be also midi chn for ardours midi in)
(hold first demo song key plus piano voice (left side on your keyboard) and now while holding these two press C1 (note key).
You have set sending over midi channel 1!
(page 30 in yamahas piano manual) you must learn to use your tools.
this is probably your solution. As i see, same is for return midi from ardour to your piano
( upper area from C4 as first midi return channel); your piano has wavetable, you
can use it as a sampler, route audio back to ardours audio channel and record it as audio!

i hope this is it.

i hope to hear some tracks from you :slight_smile:

I got the UM-1G to work! There was a switch on the device for Midi Thru which was on. When I switched it off, the digital piano worked fine! :slight_smile:

@nedzad: you can hear some of the tracks on my website, but all the multitrack stuff you see there is still recorded in Cubase: At the moment, I’m looking into switching over to Linux and programs like Ardour.

So, now its al right. Yes?
I saw your link,listened music and was reading your Bio, man congratulations.

You ll need patience with linux-audio-midi stuff.
Cubase is one “rounded” solution, and on linux it is Rosegarden DAW, similar to
Cubase/Logic… But use Ardour as much as possible, it is on level of Pro Tools or Nuendo system.
And midi is now much better supported.

My Band :slight_smile:
All tracks are raw, not mixed, not mastered :slight_smile: (track fuzzysevdah is recorded in my living room, rest is live)
we play roots-folklor-dance-music :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

Yes, everything is working fine. I can now explore Ardour and audio recording on Linux a little bit.

@nedzad: your band sounds cool, indeed a mixture between traditional and modern styles.


you ll need more patience with ardour (some internal synths are awesome, and linux sampler is also good thing, but you need
ram and more ram :), it happens that some plugins or synths just block and ardour is just disappearing :slight_smile:
And for audio recording first of all, try to find one good supported audio card/interface.
I know about RME (PCI :frowning: -as the best cards.
this is what i found on net :slight_smile:
Have a nice day