How to get snap to snap exactly

Using version 7.5 (but this issue has been around for a while I think).
When I drag midi notes or audio regions, they appear to snap to the correct location (1/4 note etc), however when I zoom in, they are usually slightly before or after the beat.
Therefore, I have to zoom in all the way and check every single note to make sure that it’s not too late or early.
Am I missing some setting somewhere that will force snapping to be more precise?

If this is a single-pixel error, it’s already fixed in git/master.

And it was was purely visual error, there was no error in the actual timing

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I figured it out: I disabled all of the snap to options in Preferences apart from “Grid” and “Markers”, and snapping now works as expected.

@glitterball : Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

I’ve added a 3-way pulldown menu to the Snap Preferences:

  • When Grid+Snap are enabled, only snap to the Grid (the new default)

  • When Grid+Snap are enabled, Snap to both the Grid and “Snap Targets” (the old behavior which caused your trouble)

  • When Grid+Snap are enabled, only snap to the “Snap Targets” (this option is for people who want to see Grid lines (like: CD frames or smpte timecode) but never want to ‘Snap’ to those lines.

The prior default (snap to both Grid and Snap Targets) caused the issue that you experienced, and the new default behavior will work more reliably for more people. It avoids the problem where you thought you were snapping to the Grid, but instead you snapped to some region-bound or marker that was very near the grid.

This change will be available in the upcoming Ardour and Mixbus releases.

Let me know what you think!

-Ben at Harrison

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