How to GET record to actually record?

When I hit the red blinking record button next to the play button, the bar moves, but no recording takes place> What have I set incorrectly?
Also, how do I get a regular audio wave form?
Thanks all.

You record-arm the tracks (like you have already done), then you enable global record and play (transport-controls top-left).

Alternatively check Menu > Transport > ā€¦ after record-arming the individual tracks.

Perhaps check ā€“ It was written for ardour 4/5 but is essentially still valid:

Thank you Robin. I am watching the unfa Ardour 6 youtube as well.

ooh! much fun!! Iā€™m off and runningā€¦ :running_man:

Screenshot_2020-11-27 of ARDOUR 2|690x369

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