How to get presets from instruments?

Hi all,

I’m very new begginner in Ardour and the far I discover thing the far I see how rich is this application.
I play in a rock band and I am recording our sessions with multi track recorder.
Once at home I try to mix the all this stuff in something audible.

A have a question about presets :slight_smile:
I wonder if some presets exists, EQ for instance, for any instrument ? I am not a Sound Engineer and I thinck I wont be able to custom ant good presets. To be clear I would like to drag any Equalizer in my track and set inside “bass guitar” or “snare” …

I head that the LSP plugins bring some good presets but I can’t see where to get it.

As reading the Ardour documentation I understand that I would find some presets in any plugins.
But it seems I do not understand how that works …

Thanks so much for your help !


Plugins CAN provide presets but it is far form a guarantee. You would need to find plugins that have presets for these.

Now that being said, One thing I will caution you on, presets are not the be all end all. The ‘correct’ EQ varies on numerous factors including but not limited to microphone choice, placement, instrument tonality and quality, music genre, and personal choice. A preset will only be ‘correct’ for whatever combination of these factors it was created for at best. You would be good to experiment and play with things, and learn more about the processes you are using if possible.



The best way to become a good sound engineer is to understand how the tools you are using actually work.
This requires some time but after you get familiar with them, yo don’t need standard presets anymore.

Thanks Vlad and Seablade for your answers.
I will do my best to follow yours advices.
One thing I discovered is I have to believe my ears.
have a good day

That is a good start.

Next is training your ears to hear more:)


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