How to get Linux Sampler

Im very sorry and also stupid.
Im just not able to get linuxsampler running.

I using the latest version of ubuntu studio. Maybe someone could help me

This is for newbies:

  1. Load the linuxsampler into the Adrour’s midi track. (It has no UI? but you need:))
  2. Start the program called “qsampler” (if you can’t find the launcher in you linuxstudio OS - try to launch it through the terminal).
  3. A qsampler can find a linuxsampler running with an ardour’s track, and now you can load any GIG, SFZ or SF2 in to the linuxsampler using the qsampler.
  4. You can even close the qsampler after you’ve made your arrangements (even without saving) and Ardour will continue to play all the samples in all the channels you’ve set.
  5. Also. You can save the Ardour’s session and reopen it: this will load the state of the linuxsampler you’ve done!

i had prob installing linuxsampler, seems like it works now. Thanks alot