How to get a RT patch for a recent stable kernel ?

I’m not really familiar with the delivery process of RT patches for kernel (as found on Ingo site - It seems that there is always an available patch for the latest kernel (i.e. 2.6.21-rc5), but not for the latest stable kernel (i.e. …

Is there a place where one can get the patch for recent stable kernel versions ? (2.6.21-rcX is still unstable on my computer … and I like Linux stability :slight_smile: )

you can try if the patch-2.6.20-rt8 applies on kernel, i did not tried yet.
the 2.6.20-rt8 patch applies at least on 2.6.20 kernel, but on too.
i am using in the moment is from 2.6.20 actually).


The patches there apply to the 2.6.X.0-kernel (not .1). They include the patches to update for 2.6.X.1 or 2.6.X.2. But they often they don’t include the latest version of that stable kernel because the developers move on to the most actual version. Just compare the release dates to see in which version the break is.

As to stability:
Don’t expect that one RT version works better than the other. RT is highly experimental for all kernel versions. There are always different things broken. You have to try which version works best for you.

If you happen to use ubuntu, the vanilla kernels are bad for you because they don’t include the special ubuntu patches. Check the page at then, which is a kernel based on 2.6.20-rt8.

Thanks for the info. I understand with your explanations why RT kernels will still be experimental …

I’ll try to build a new RT kernel based on and see if it is stable enough

eLRIC, how stable new RT kernel based on ?
I have some questions, if you have some free time, i will email you…
thanks in adv…

Janet Kellman, software reviews

i think that there some things got changed, so it might be good to use with the patch.

it runs here pretty good!


I’ve run + for a week or so now (on SuSE 10.2), no problems so far.

For older patches look…

Older patches are kept here:

Janet : I ran a with the rt14 patch whithout troubles (latest is rt20 so I think a few more bugs I haven’t experienced may have been solved)

(btw, I don’t know how to PM to provide you my email address if you want some more infos … )

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