How to finalize and make movie DVD


I have been using the US mainly for audio works and now planning to leverage it for mixing BGMs for movies and quite not sure the techniques involved in finalizing the audio and video (HD/SD) in to a DVD or similar output formats for release.

Anybody out there would like to share some experience and tools available for this?


If I understand you right, you have a mixed sound and want to glue it to video again and output it? I d recommend kdenlive for this task, from there you can render to a dvd compatible codec and use a dvd authoring software for making a dvd, with the last step i m not too familiar, but theres a lot of software out there helping you with that…

if kdenlive seems a bit heavyweight for the task, you can use a simple tool like ffmpeg to combine video and audio.

thanks for your support. In fact i am delivering the sound to my video editor and they do the gluing part.i was just trying to understand any technical aspects involved in producing the DVD with multi-track audio along with a stereo mix… need to research on this more…