How to fan out tracks in AVL plugin?

I can’t figure out how to get the various instruments of the avl drumkits to fan out to different tracks. I watched Glen McArthur’s video (, but the resolution of the screen capture is so low I can’t figure how how he does it.

Suggestions appreciated.

Add a MIDI Track, pick “Black Pearl Drumkit Multi” or “Red Zeppelin Drumkit Multi”, and Ardour will ask:


Alternatively you can later fan-out, assuming you’re using the “Multi” kit (not the default stereo plugin). In the Mixer-window, right-click on the color-bar at the top of the mixer-strip:


Thanks for the help, but it does not seem to work on my externally generated midi track. That is:

  1. If I create a new midi track and add the Red Zeppelin Multi plugin, then everything works: right-clicking on the mixing strip open us the menu with the fan tracks out option.

  2. However, if I import an externally generated midi drum track and then add the Red Zeppelin plugin, I do not have the Fan out option in the strip menu.

Am I doing something wrong, or does fanning out tracks work only on newly generated empty tracks?

Never mind, it seems there was an issue with the particular midi track I was working with. I tried again with a different (externally-generated) one and it worked fine.

Thanks again for the great plugin.

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