how to enlarge font in ardour2?

I’ve built and just started using ardour2 on Ubuntu Linux 6.10. Here’s a newbie question: can I enlarge the fonts used throughout ardour2 (including the menu font)? They are a bit small for my taste. I looked in Windows / Options Editor, but didn’t find anything relevant.


Your font problem exists on standard packages too, not just the one you compiled.

I don’t see any way to post an image,so I cannot show you the problem… but even the standard packages from the Ubuntu repositories don’t display well enough to read the Ardour menus, buttons, etc, when the screen is set to 1440x900@96dpi.

The smaller letters are just fuzzy blobs of dots. The larger letters are barely and very uncomfortably readable.

As a test I did a “ssh -X” from a machine w/ a 1600x1200@133dpi screen to the one with ardour installed and then fired up ardour and the display of Ardour back across the network was fine.

Ardour is obviously not “sane” when it uses the GUI to display, messing up what it thinks the resolution is.

This is severe enough that Ardour cannot be used until this is fixed.

Is there some reason why this “xemacs” like GUI style was chosen, over, say some standard GUI library??? For most of us the stone age is over.


Phil, which version are you talking about? 0.99.x or 2.0 beta8?

Yes. There are problems with fonts, but you can’t go and blame all of this on Ardour. We don’t do the font rendering. For 0.99.x the font rendering is done by GTK 1.2 which in turn hands it over to the X server to do. For 2.0, we use Gtk 2.0 which uses pango to render the fonts.

Can you post a screenshot of your problems?

Medovina: you can modify the fonts ardour uses by editing the ardour2_ui.rc installed in either /etc/ardour2/ or /usr/local/etc/ardour2/

We might have to take a look at how to integrate font sizes to desktop configuration though.