how to *effectively* use ladspa plugins??

hallo it may be my first post here but i have been reading the manual for long time before posting this so propably a RTFM-reply won’t help me in any way :slight_smile:

so, i have seamlessly installed ladspa effects on ardour tried different combinations but the result is …nothing. the only effect that has worked for me is a flanger effect. i have tried tons of combinations of effects (satan’s maximizer, fast overdrive, etc where i should have noticed SOME difference in the output but just nothing happens. i put them into the black rectangle as the manuals says, i take out the parenthesis (although the parenthesis act a little bit oddly since they are gone by selecting “activate all” and when i double click on them the button still says bypass and not activated as it should do. why all this double-activation?? ).

anyway my real problem is that i cannot tell any difference. can you imagine possible solutions?? i need your help cos i have been searching for this for days and still found nothing!!

double click does not activate, it “edits”.

middle click toggles bypass status (as does the “bypass” button in the plugin GUI/editor).

the satan maximizer is one of my favorite ladspa plugins, at least for percussion, and if you can’t make it work for you then i suspect you’re really not playing with the parameters much at all.

keep in mind that people actually pay to go school to learn how to do this stuff; audio engineering is not as tricky as electrical or mechanical engineering, but its certainly non-trivial.

so you re telling me that in order to have a simple distortion effect like i had with guitar rig and cubase on my win i have to go to school?? i chose to focus on and learn ardour because it seemed to me that it combined pro-level with easy use. the manual itself seems to be written for noobs. am i wrong??
i know audio editing is difficult and in no way i want to go to school in order to make my guitar sound like a damn distorted one!!

sorry for the tone but i am helpless!! can you at least point me to a plugin which should give me a basic sound of distortion??

Hi aakkuan,

try creox, it’s a jack-capable program made for guitar effects. I haven’t tried it thoroughly, so don’t expect too much. A lot of LADSPA plugins are weak - I also had no noticable effects with a lot. Guitar- and distortion-LADSPA effects are rare and IMHO generally bad, so rather record the guitar distorted.


For guitar effects try Rakarrack, easy to use e very cool.


Although I understand from a user’s perspective that Ardour plus available plugins make it into a “system”, please recognize that from the perspective of Ardour’s author, this is a little frustrating. At present, nobody working on the Ardour project has written any plugins (a couple of people have ported other plugins into formats that Ardour can use). As a result, although we are not happy with the overall plugin situation, its not something that we control. Ardour doesn’t come with plugins the way other DAWs do, because so many are available freely. We may alter that in the future. But please do not blame all of the imperfections of plugins on Ardour, even though its fair to point out that they both need each other to some extent.

Others have made some sensible suggestions about finding plugins that might be useful to you. Most people are not aware of just how many LADSPA plugins there are - I should put up a more prominent link online to show them and provide links to them.

“when i double click on them the button still says bypass and not activated as it should do.”

I think this may be the root your problem. The button is a command rather
a status display. If it say “bypass”, then the plugin is active, and pressing the button will bypass it.

So, if you’re pressing the button, that will explain why you hear no effect.

Aakkuan, as you were talking about a guitar to be distorted: Are you trying to apply the plugins to an allready recorded track, or are you trying to hear it on the live input?

If the latter is the case it could have to do with settings for monitoring and some other plugin related settings as well as how the mixer of your soundcard is set.