How to do track-bouncing?

nether “export”-Function nor “bounce range”-command do produce a wav- or other two-channel-audio-file from my 3-track-project. Ardour crashes during Export and bouncing leads to some xml-files. I need my project bounced, preferably mp3. Sure anybody knows help… (ubuntu-linux 6.06)

Ardour-version 0.99.2! sorry…

First of all, 0.99.2 is not the newest release. 0.99.3 has been released more than six months ago, so trying the newest release is one option.

“Bounce range”? I’m not familiar with that function at all. Do you mean export range?

Does exporting lead to ardour crashing at the end of the export? If so, usually the exported .wav file is already written to disk.

One way to try to avoid crashes while exporting is to change the export options to do less conversions. Try exporting the session at the same samplerate as the session is recorded in. If that doesn’t help, change the bit depth to “float” instead of 16 bit. This can work better in problematic situations. Of course, you have to resample and or change the bit depth afterwards if needed.