How to disable the silence from being exported on stem exports?

The Ardour Manual says that “exporting each track individually, including silence, to keep them in sync”. but i don’t want that, i just want the tracks with no silence whatsoever. Is there a way to disable the silence from being exported?

in the file format tab, clic on modify. it opens a popup. check the boxes “cut the silence at the beginning-end” and it should be ok. have fun!

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Remember that a stem is just a dumb wav file; it doesn’t know about the edits you may have done in the track or the distance between the individual parts in the track.

So if you have a guitar riff on one track that you’ve copied to a later part of that track, with nothing being played in between, removing the silence would result in the riff being played back to back in the stem file.

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Perfect, thank you so much!

Thanks you for explaining in detail! In my situation, I had captured a cassette tape (music album) and was just cutting the main region to different tracks so that I could export the songs individually. So I didn’t have that issue.

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