How to delete multiple (or all) tempos and/or time signaturess?

How can I delete multiple tempo changes in one operation? Deleting them one by one takes too long (and often crashes Ardour). Same question for time signatures.

Why do I want to do this? I have a session which took a long time to get set up with tracks, instruments, etc. and I want to re-use the same setup for a new song (with different tempi and time signatures). I tried saving it as a template, but that didn’t help. I’m still stuck deleting dozens of those pesky little triangles one by one.

Or am I totally taking the wrong approach?

If you want all gone just right click on the tempo row where no tempo is assigned and remove all. If you need to cut some out just cut them out of the session file (without having Ardour running) in a plain editor. They can be found under the TempoMap tag.

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It never occurred to me that the session file might be a text file.
Problem solved!
Thank you very much,
– Ed

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