how to delete "draw gain automation" points

how do I remove the “points” I’ve placed in a region using the “draw gain automation” tool. I’ve tried every tactic I know from other DAWs…I must be missing something simple (hoping).

This does not work for me. I’m running Ardour 2.4.1 on 64studio Linux (32bit edition). I can’t seem to delete any automation points once they’re in place. Any suggestions?

Well, it spontaneously started working. I didn’t do anything different, but now it works. So…never mind.

I am soooooo happy you wrote the answer… I’ve spent countless hours searching for that command. I knew it had to be simple…merci!! ! !!!

same way you can delete most other objects in ardour: shift-right-click.

i plan to add “delete” key operation too … not doing this was some kind of strange oversight, and i have no idea why it happened.