How to delete a region and have both ends joined

In Audacity, when you select a range in the waveform, and if you press DELETE, or click the right-menu to “remove”, the range gets deleted, and both ends are joined, leaving no space where the deleted range occupied.

In Ardour, I do this, but I get an empty space within the range I deleted. I see that “Crop” is greyed out in Edit menu, and I can’t find a similiar command from the right-click mouse menu.

How do I do to make the same thing in Ardour… ?

I see, I am not using mixbus… but I will try this.

I thought of another way to do this… just dragging the next waveform region close to the previous, joining them. However, is there a way that will automagically SNAP right where it was cut ? I don’t want the ranges to overlap each other…


Thanks Paul, that worked! Very nice.

@BourneShell: Grid -> Region Ends

If you are using Mixbus, you can switch to Ripple edit mode, and it will “close the gap” when you delete a range audio in a track.

This feature will likely be ported into Ardour in the future.


I was wondering the same thing, and figured out this much myself. The next piece is to have all the markers later on the timeline shift as well, so that they’ll still line up with the audio after the gap is closed.

Moving the markers would only make sense when the region you move is the only track, or if there are multiple tracks and you move all tracks in parallel.

What might be useful is a different sort of marker that is attached to a region instead of referenced to the timeline, or a way of attaching an existing marker to a region so it moves with it.