How to decode MS on track?

I work a lot with MS, since I have a very nice MS microphone.
I was using the excellent Calf “stereo tools” for years, but it sadly ceased to exist (well, not maintained and not working anymore, which gives the same result).
Any candidate for alternative?

There is a lua script ,‘Stereo Routing’ or something similar under Ardour or Ardour community plug ins. Add it as
you would a plug in. There are a few options for mid-side.

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Yep “ACE Stereo Routing” has a mode “M/S: (L+R), (L-R) (from Mid/Side)”

thank you,
ACE Stereo Routing doesn’t allow to set width (side gain), the setting and VUs in Calf plugin was very accurate.
I found Matrix: MS to Stereo by Steve Harris, but it only has a width control setting.

You may be able to still use the calf plug-in , right click the plug in and select ‘Edit with generic controls’.

I think I used this last time :

There are other multiple ways to go about it with track routing and using the fader for the mid/side balance if needed.

You may be able to set the pan in the track flow.

A question for @x42: Is it possible to set the position of the pan in the plug-in window, like you can with the fader ?

LSP has many mid side tools

Sure, I love LSP as much as CALF and many plugins work in MS. However I didn’t find a decoder.

Oh sorry for that
Would midSide by airwindows do what you want?