How to debug Ardour 6.9

Ardour 6.9 is crashing with a segmentation fault on my system. I would like to debug in order to file a bug report. I need a debuggable version of Ardour, but the web page offers me only the nightly builds of Ardour 7.
Is there a ready-to-install debuggable version of Ardour 6.9 anywhere?

Ardour 6.8 ran stably on my system. Is there anywhere I can download the 6.8 installer?

Short version is no, sadly.

My question for you would be, does the A7 software crash in the same way? Is this on particular sessions, does it happen with a brand new session?


The version of A7 I downloaded was using a lot of DSP (idling at 40% on my template project), which I guess is down to it’s not built with optimization? So I didn’t go very far down that road.

I read a bit more on the debugging pages, and realized that it’s possible to run A6.9 with --gdb options. When running it inside gdb, it doesn’t crash! At least so far.
What did happen once or twice, was that the program froze, and I expected it to crash. But then it became responsive again after a while, and didn’t throw any errors in the debugger.

To answer your question, it happens on all my sessions, but all my sessions are based on the same template session I have set up.

Can you try it on a completely blank session and see if it is an issue? It could be something in your template triggering the issue and that would help narrow down the issue if it is.


Menu > Help > About - Does that say “…debug…” ?

A plugin perhaps?

In the recent-session dialog, there is a checkbox: [x] safe mode: disable all plugins.

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