How to deal with MPE data?

Ardour records MPE data beautifully. It is quite astonishing to see just how much data is created by MPE controllers. With notes assigned round robin across 8 midi channels with, pressure, bender, soundcontroller each, I end up with 8 * 3 = 24 automation tracks and only those with lollypop actually have a reference to a note.

How to make this workable?

Edit: velocity does only create one track, but I can not distinguish channel looking at the lolypops.
Edit2: Also, if I move a note, none of the midi data on the same channel comes along.

While you can record and play back MPE, you cannot conveniently edit it in Ardour.

Ardour’s GUI does not know about MPE. All MIDI data treated like multitimbral MIDI events.

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