How to create loop points inside a sample for MIDI?


Here is what I’m trying to achieve in an example:

I have a hypothetical audio file with someone saying “I love dogs” in it. I want to play as a sample for MIDI, where depending on the note, the sound would be slowed down (pitched down) or played faster (pitched up). I then want to create loop points inside that sample, so it would always start with “I”, repeat “love” as long as the note is being hold down and end with “dogs” when the note ends.

Here is the same result being done in FL Studio: HOW TO LOOP SAMPLE like an INFINITE CONTINUOUS NOTE (works in FL Studio 20) - YouTube

  1. you need sampler
  1. you need sampler

it depends which one you like… i personally use Renoise Redux :slight_smile:


Thanks! But can you recommend any open source samplers? I’m not sure if I’m ready to spend a lot of money on plugins right now.

Sorry, no idea.tbh Renoise Redux is very cheap, and multi-platform, hence my main choice… No idea about open source ones… someone else might chime in to help, or google is our friend :smiley:

The LSP samplers are open source and logical to use :pray:

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