How to create individual MIDI events that aren't notes

How on earth do I add individual MIDI events such as control change and program change? I’ve spent a good hour or two poking around in the UI, reading the manual, and doing web searches, to no avail. I don’t want to generate them on the fly, I want them in the MIDI file(s). I found the MIDI event list, but it appears to be a read-only interface. I created an automation lane, but all I can edit are the control point values; I can’t see the details of the actual automation events (channel, value, controller #).

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Ardour treats MIDI CC, pitch bend etc. as automation.

So, you edit it just like you would edit automation. Click on the “A” button on the track header, select which MIDI CC etc. you want to display/edit. Switch to draw mode (shortcut “d”) to add new notes etc. Switch to internal edit mode (shortcut “e”) to edit the data.

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But how do I know the MIDI channel for the automation, especially if the track contains notes on several different channels?

The automation lanes are per channel

Once you’ve added them the channel name is displayed in square brackets next to the controller name


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Aha! I had totally missed that. Sometimes a screenshot is worth a thousand words.
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