How to create a track template

All in title, in the track menu I don’t have an option to create a track template!

Ardour 7.2.0

OK it works but only in Mixer mode. In edit mode there is no choice to save as template.

Shift-E to show the “editor mixer strip”. Save as template just as you would in the mixer page/tab.

There’s nothing about the “timeline” aspect of a track (as shown in the editor) that would form part of a template.

Ok, thanks very much

I made a midi track, as I want it to be, with input from external midi device and output to external midi playback device selected from the expanded header track button, then I saved as a track template.
When I add a new track and choose a template made by me, it creates the new track, with all the settings except the midi playback device… there I always have to select for each new track, the instrument from the button list… it is not saved in the track template.