How to create a standard list of track colors?

The current state of the color window is very annoying to work with. When it opens you dont get a list of pre-set colors, just 4 (okay, in different shades, but it still are just 4 colors) so I have to create a color for every new track or group that has to be adjusted. When the window opens, its always on top of the last track that has the color I want to continue, so I have to drag the window over, select the eyedropper, select the color and still the colors will be different as from the session before, so there’s no recognizable structure in the coloring, which is important to find things fast when scrolling over the mixer. For every session you have to get used to new colors for the same things, which throws me off track every time and is very annoying and time consuming.

How can I create a list of standard colors, so that I can open the color window and click the first choice for drums, the second for bass, etc, without having to deal with all those tedious, unnecessary tasks, that slows down the process, just to simply change a color to a standard?

@Demious: are you trying to do painting or music? (please don’t take it bad, it’s just a so-so joke) why don’t you make a complex template where (e.g.) drums are the green group, bass the red, guits the yellow, keys the purple, vox the blue, etc. including “BUSSES” names that differs from “tracks” ones, and a bunch of plugins incuded in tracks, groups, parallel stuffs and so on? Here it works nicely, even when import track(s) you just have to “select & maintain with click3 + move to destination track”, and if you doesn’t use any track or group, plugin or VCA, just click “unactive” to save DSP… :wink: HTH? please let me know!

@Demious: and for course, as it’s based on a “audio group dimension”, you can edit the groups’ properties and have access to the “mute-solo-gain-etc… world”!! and maybe add (that I’ve not done as far am not a painter)) more or less black tone in the color??

@world (sorry, it’s a bit pretentious: @Linux audio People)): Ardour session template is a very tool to save time when start a new session, your clients and/or friends will be impressed if you do it the way it should be done!! Same thing for plugins’ presets that saves time in the way that it could be a nice base to what you are setting for THAT sound… Is here somebody who can online-host those kind of things? Maybe weak idea of the month? (and now am cool till next month <:o)) )

You could script it, perhaps. There’s already which can set colors.

You’re not the first to mention it. But we have hundreds or thousands of bugs and hundreds of feature requests, so prioritization happens … this particular “feature” just hasn’t risen to near the top of the pile, based on (1) amount of noise we hear about it (2) the work involved in implementing it.

Indeed, that quite amazing. As being autistic myself, of course I’m more focused on other people with the same issues, so for my view there will be more people with a need for stability and recognizable structure, than for someone who isnt confronted with it regularly, but its hard to believe that I’m really the first to mention this. Or to name something else, I know there are tons of people with OCD in one way or another, who need certain structures.
Ah well, I’m gonna try to get my automatic response to not react to different colors. We’ll see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Paul. :slight_smile:

Best guess; we’ve never had users who regard specific color choices as particularly important, or at least have not been that vocal about it. Amazing, eh?

Okay, but now I open the buses color windows, scroll back like 80-100 channels, move the window, select eyedropper, select color and click OK, scroll back all the way to do the next… It took me about 20 minutes to set about half of the channels of my session to the right color, while I normally do all channels in like 5 minutes. That is a considerable difference, especially in a time where every minute counts.
What is the practical thought behind the way it is now? What is the logical way to use it, without wasting half an hour to adjust color for the channels for a session?

Ardour does not support the idea of a palette of pre-set colors. It’s a feature request at and has been for some time.