How to convert .vgz to wav and .scl to midi?

in linux have a way to convert .vgz to wav
and .scl to midi

Ok need some context here, what are these files?

Based on googling it appears the .vgz might be video from security cameras? That doesn’t seem likely what you want. And .scl seems to be a specific chord format for Sibelius?


.vgz video game audio file (sega) source
.scl scale file i need convert them to midi for use as scale reference in ardour source

I do not know about .vgz, but scala files are usually loaded into a synth.
Ardour itself does not produce any sound and hence has no concept of tuning notes.

Various synth plugins do support scl.

There is however a tool in Ardour that lets you translate .scl files into MIDI Tuning Standard (MTS) messages to be sent to a synth plugin. This works with “General MIDI Synth” that comes with Ardour binaries as well as “ACE Fluidsynth”: MIDI pitch adjustment - #13 by x42


So Robin covered the scale files, a quick google turned this up for the video game music:

So I would see about using that to convert the files before importing to Ardour.

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