How to convert/import CSV file as MIDI

Hello guys
i use sonicvisulizer chordino plugin for find chord of a vocal
but it cant export midi file just gives me a csv file
now guys say me How to import this csv file in ardour

I don’t think Ardour can convert a cvs file to a midi file.
Check if Chordino can export to midi instead of cvs.

If not it’s possible that one of these projects can help you convert the file

This post seems to indicate that Chordino can export to midi

please add a example
for convert csv to midi

If you are using Ubuntu you can install midicsv by running
sudo apt install midicsv
in a terminal
Then run
csvmidi YourCsvFile.csv > TheFile.mid
in the same terminal

If you are using another Linux distro you may have to download the midicsv-1.1.tar.gz and compile it yourself. has the .exe files if you are on Windows.

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