how to control brush mode

Occasionally the region drag tool switches to a brush mode, where the selected region is painted as copies all ofer the track instead of moving as expected.

How is this mode activated? And how can I switch back to normal operation?

As I noted on the bug report, brush mode is activated by holding the “b” key down while dragging.

Very well, but I cannot remember, that I pressed B while dragging all the few times, it happened. And more important: how can one leave that mode to return to normal operation (pressing b again does nothing).

Its fixed in git now, recompiled, problem gone, Thanks!!

BTW: this brush feature is quite remarkable, I always found it desirable to have a intuitiv way to “draw” loops, as this brush tool works now this is finally possible in Ardour.

To use it I trim a Region to a note-length, e.g.: a unit in the grid, when I then leftclick/hold the region, press B and drag, a loop of this region is drawn, the copies of the regions created that way line up according to the measurment, that is set for snap. So I get a sequence of notes, that fit the song exactly… Nice…