How to control an ardour session via osc / pure data

pretty general question: I would like to start / stop mute / etc via triggers that get derived from data via pure data. Is there a tutorial or advice where to start? I m guessing I would use open sound control to do it, or I need to write a lua script? any advice is appreciated!

I guess you know that Ardour already supports OSC?

@ philsuess yes i do. I m just a newbie in that realm … I couldnt find out if i can trigger something like: fade track out, stop, rewind, solo next track, playback ? or something similar? this would be interesting for me to “launch” and mute different tracks in ardour. also i do not know how to do this on a practical level: how do i send osc info, etc. i started reading into it, but any hint helps…


Most of what you want can be accomplished through OSC, though some things like Fade Track Out might be a bit more complex where you have to send a stream of OSC messages to update fader position as there is not a preset ‘fade out’ command in Ardour.

OSC is a network protocol, so you would have to send the commands to a network port. If you are using PureData though I would suggest starting here to understand how to send the messages:

And then look at the OSC link @philsuess provided to see what messages Ardour understands and how they are used.


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thanks guys, starting to read and will get back!

Another osc option I’d recommend (if nothing else just to see a way of example of a way you could implement things)
is open-stage-control (which is nice cause it runs as a server and can be controlled easily by multiple devices such as phones, tablets, etc.

they have an example for an ardour control that works surprisingly well

don’t forget to enable osc control on ardour!