How to connect a phonic firewire mixer to ubuntu

Hi, i want to know if is possible to connect my phonic helix board 18 firewire mixer to ubuntu studio. I’ve searched on alsa project but in vendors there isn’t Phonic so i want to know if exist another way to connect it to ubuntu studio. Thank you all.

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ask here :
this forum is about ardour and your question does not mention it.

Phonic Knowledgebase

Have you found an answer to it? I+m in the same situation.

To use a firewire audio interface in Linux, the most reliable method is still to use jackd with the ffado backend. There has been work on adding ALSA firewire drivers to Linux and I have had some success using that… until there was a new kernel version and it stopped working. Some of us have also found that even if the ALSA firewire modules work that they are not very stable and in my case, running jackd at 256/2 was the lowest latency I could get jackd to start at. Even running at 1024/2 there were xruns, while with the ffado jackd backend I could run at 16/2 for days at a time with no xruns at all. For setting up jackd to use the firewire backend I would recomend studio-controls at least for blacklisting the ALSA firewire modules even if you then prefer to use qjackctl, command line or some other utility to start jackd after doing so. This does mean that in Ardour you need to choose the jackd audio server rather than alsa which is normally recomended.

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