How to change track via MIDI input?

Is it possible to change which instrument / track a midi device controls via a MIDI command from a device?

i.e. I have one keyboard and I’m recording, and I want to switch to a different instrument / midi track without having to pause ardour, change the jack midi inputs etc., and go back to the app.

It looks like there are buttons for this on my midi devices, but I’m not sure what to map them to, or if Ardour alone is able to handle this without changes to another jack patchbay app.


Ardour3 midi tracks have a “Midi Input Enable/Disable” button (near the top of the mixer strip, next to the input source selector). You can route your keyboard to all midi tracks, but only enable the ones you want to record to. I do not know if these buttons can be mapped to midi commands which would allow enable/disabling from a keyboard or other midi controller. At any rate, you can switch the midi track to be recorded with a mouse click, without changing the Jack routing using these buttons.

Yes that sounds like a good solution. I’m using “mute” for now instead of disable midi input because the disable midi input button can’t be mapped using midi learning (ctrl+middle click). Another problem with this method is that the sliders and knobs on my midi device remain mapped to a single plugin even if the track has had midi input disabled.

Your suggestion is the way forward though and set me on the right ‘track’ - thanks!

Opened a thread about mapping the midi input disable button to midi controls:

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