How to change the language?

I can’t find where to change the language. Is there such an option? if not,
how can i change the language? (I am on a french system but i would prefer
use the english version of ardour).

Also, thank you for all the work you do, what a great software!

What platform do you use Ardour on?

Ubuntu Studio 13.04

Ardour will use the default system LANG settings. To avoid this, you would need to create a shell script to set LANG=en before ardour is executed.

On OS X we have ways to do this within Ardour because it is so hard to do this sort of thing on that platform. We should consider adding the to Linux as well, perhaps.

yes, i have realized i made the same error with 3.1 as with 3.2 and released it without translations … very bad. a new (minor) release will follow.

Hey, I have the 3.3 and I’d like very much to have it in spanish… I work it with OS X, and I don’t see language options anywhere.
How can I do that??

It should be on by default if your LANG environment variable specifies spanish.

Tanks for the answer!
Maybe the problem is that my environment is in catalan, not in spanish.
There’s not a language pack or something?

@tura-hefest: all of our translations come with 3.3, but we do not have a catalan translation at this time. If your environment specifies catalan, you’d have to invoke Ardour in a context where LANG gets reset to spanish in order to see the spanish translation. You cannot choose the language from within the program.

Oook! Thank you very much!
I’ll try it (I’m not good for this kind of things… :P)!

I just installed Ardour 3.3. The default language on my computer (running MintOliva) is pt_BR, but I rather have Ardour in English , How can I change that?