How to change the default recording settings?

Hello everyone.
I would like to always record with one bar of metronome or previously recorded audio before the section that is to be recorded. Now, it’s possible to do that once with the “Transport” menu at the top. But since that’s what I’m doing all the time, I either need a keyboard shortcut to start recording in one of those modes, or an option where I can set recording with an extra bar at the start as the standard. Does anyone have an idea where to find this?

I have a similar problem with recording in a loop. I can set a loop, arm recording and press L instead of spacebar to start loop recording. But then, there is no way to have both the extra bar or so at the beginning and the loop at the same time.

Is there a way to set Ardour to not ignoring loops and also giving me that extra bar at the beginning by default whenever I press “Record” or Shift+Spacebar?

Not possible at this time.

Loop recording is considered to be literally just looping while recording, not “repeat a specific pattern of behavior over and over”.

Thank you for your speedy reply, Paul.

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