How to change speed without changing pitch

I was doing that in Audacity easily but can’t find a way to do so in Ardour (no MIDI involved).
I found this :

The Ardour Manual

but is does not help or I do not understand it well.
Is it possible to do so?
Is the link to the manual what I need ( then I could try harder to understand it)


You can use the timestretch-tool (press T) – Ardour Manual - The Toolbox.

That allows to stretch selected regions. So in order to stretch a complete session, you may first have to consolidate regions.

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Thanks so much Robin… I see, I have to read more before asking… sorry
Have nice Christmas Holidays!

More details here : Stretching in the Ardour Manual

If this is only for temporary, manual adjustments, you could also use Ardour’s vari-speed control along with x42-repitch plugin:

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